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    Automatic BFS Liquid Packing Machine

    DGS-240 BFS Liquid Packing Machine


    This machine is suitable for liquid, sticky, paste,cream product packaging for pharmaceutical ,food , cosmetic and daily use product etc. Such as medical oral drinking,healthy products,pesticide, perfume, oil,e-liquid, jam ,chocolate etc

    DGS-240 BFS Liquid Packing Machine

    Main Features:

    1. High speed and high precision motion controller for main line control,stepless frequency control of motor for speed control,Servo motor for tensile film device control.

    2. Touching Screen interface , easy operation.

    3. Photocell checking sensor for logo and printed film product which make the packaging meet high level and beautiful packaging.

    4. The filling pump will be depend on the product itself to install peristaltic pump, mechanical pump, piston pump,hibar pump etc, accurate filling , no drop, no bubble,no overflow.

    5. The direct contact with product parts is made of SS316L, the machine structure is made of SS304.

    6. This machine could produce stand up bottle.(bottle bottom is flat which could stand )

    DGS-240 BFS Liquid Packing Machine

    DGS-240 BFS Liquid Packing Machine

     Max Forming Depth12mm(OEM Design)
     Cutting Frequency1-25times/min
     Packing FilmPVC/PE PET/PE(0.2-0.4)*240mm
     Filling Volume0.5-60ml
     Power Supply380V 50Hz(OEM)
     Machine Weight1200kgs
     Machine Size3200*8500*1400mm

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